2006 ESB Golden Knot

ESB Golden Knot
Brown Colt ~ DOB 14/11/2006
Vain (TB) Ch 1966
SIRE Brilliant Invader (TB) Ch 1978
ESB Golden Knight (TB) Br 1999 Persian Bronze (NZ) Ch 1968
Let's Get Physical (TB) Gr 1982
Annies Reward (TB) Gr 1989
Renounce (TB) Br 1972
McCartney (TB)
DAM ESB Irish Descent (ISH) Gr 1987
ESB Irish Impulse (ISH) Br 1997 ESB Irish Bea (ISH) B 1983
Tolhurst (TB)
Tolsay (TB)
Misneversay (NZ) (TB)

to a lovely home

Well we all go through different stages and I'm still beautiful on the inside :/
Hanging out with the boys and my mate Sun